There are 20 clubs in the Crypto Premiership. Each team is allocated five players on initialisation, and all teams offer merchandise for sale to fans.

Why Sponsor a Team

Spponsoring a team involves branding on all players uniform Kits and team merchandise that will be sold. Sponsors also take a percentage of the ticket and subscription sales generated from pay-per-view live matches. Bes t of all, as a sponsor, you earn the right to showcase your brand, giving it the exposure it deserves - Sponsor a Team Now!


All 600 Crypto Premiership players are unique; no one other player is like another. All players are randomly generated with their characteristics and attributes.

Why Own a Player

EEach player allows the holder to earn a part of a competition cash prize. All players are allocated to an expert gamer who participates in live viewed games on the holder's behalf. All ERC-721 players belong to a sponsored team and can be sold to another team; earning the NFT holder a share of the transfer fee - Buy a Player Now!

The Crypto Premiership consists of
30 teams and 600
unique players living on the blockchain.

Each team competes to play for the "Blockchain Championship" and "Blockchain World Cup". All players are powered by high-level gamers selected by crypto asset-related platforms or tokens to complete and play on their behalf. A score table shows games results that are recorded on the blockchain for accuracy and authenticity.

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Each player allows the holder to earn prizes and benefits. The players and teams are bought and sponsored as NFTs. All ERC-721 asset tokens are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • 10%

    First Sale

    Special private sale of players
    within the first week.

  • 25%

    Main Sale

    Complete sale of players commences a week after the first.

  • 50%

    Team Sponsorship

    Teams receive sponsorship.

  • 75%

    Match Dates Set

    Fixtures and draws of teams and playeRs announced.

  • 100%


    Tickets and Merchandise go on sale to fans and viewers.